Photo's of Milwaukee theaters, some existing today but most demolished.
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The Bijou Theater, Milwaukee, Wis. Bijou newspaper ad
Lincoln Avenue Promotional Giveaways. Photo courtesy of William Tennessen
Getting Ready for the Show
Interior of Astor Theater. Astor Theater newspaper ad
Photo courtesy of the Theatre Historical Society of America.
The Davidson Hotel's porch-like canopy at 625 N. 3rd St., also served as the covered entrance to the DAVIDSON THEATER, the wall of which is seen behind the hotel, at the extreme right. View is to the northwest. Davidson Theater newspaper ad
Princess Theater, 1917. Princess newspaper ad
The Princess Theater was renovated to a Art Deco look in the 1930s, eliminating all traces of the original Art Nouveau design. The facade was further altered by adding a lannonstone front to the lower portion. Theater is seen here in the 1980s, a distant memory of its once grand stature.
Marilyn Chambers appearance photo at the Princess, 1984
Alhambra Banner Ad, Wisconsin Ave. looking west
Alhambra Theater newspaper ad
Princess Theater at night. Princess newspaper ad
The Butterfly Theater on Wisconsin Ave., with 3,000 lightbulbs, one of Milwaukee's most decorative.
Palace Theater's fabulous interior
The Wisconsin Theater, Milwaukee, Wis.
The Stadt Theater in the 1890s, destroyed by fire in 1895. It was the home of the German Stock Theater Company, one of the finest German-language acting companies in the country. Replaced by the Pabst Theater.
The Pabst Theater around 1920, looking east on Onieda (Wells) St. towards City Hall
Gaiety Theatre, Photo: Harold Gauer
Looking east on Wisconsin Ave., Riverside Theater left,
Pabst building center, Gimbel's right, 1949.
Ritz Theatre on Villard Ave. Photo courtesy of Bill Tennessen
The Davidson Theater's Marquee (left) looking north on Third St. Aug. 23, 1913
Interior view of the Toy Theater
The Ogden Theater, Milwaukee, Wis. Sept. 1969  Ogden newspaper ad
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The Butterfly Theater on Wisconsin Ave., just prior to demolition. Photo courtesy of Bill Tennessen
Alhambra Theater banner ad. Third St. looking north from Plankinton intersection. Steinmeyer building at Highland further down on right.
Wurlitzer advertising featuring the Garden Theater's new Unit-Organ
The Miller Theater featuring Vaudeville acts, (see article). Photo courtesy of Larry Widen.
The Uptown Theater, view of stage from mezzanine, 1927
The Uptown Theater, view looking back from stage, 1927