Early Newspaper Advertising from the Wisconsin News, Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel and other Poster Handouts
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Plays and Music at the Bijou
Staged Plays at the Alhambra, 1903.
Vitaphone Ad for Warner Brothers
Movie's and Vaudeville at the Crystal in 1925
Plays, Vaudeville and Music at the Davidson, 1928
20 cent Movies at the Astor with giveaway premiums
Burlesque Shows at the Empress
Burlesque and Comedy Shows at the Empress
Grand Opening at Saxe's Garfield Theater, 1927
Pabst Theater Plays Spoken in German
Princess Theater Movie Excitement, 1927
Riverside Features Staged Plays and Movies, 1939
Saxe Jubilee Week for Wisconsin Theaters
Saxe's Opening of the Uptown Theater, 1927
Grand Opening of the Warner Theater, 1931
Stage Shows and Movies Together
Stage Shows and Movies Together at the Uptown, 1926
Stage Shows and Movies Together at the Uptown, 1927
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War Bond Promotion Through Local Theaters
Early Jane Fonda "Circle of Love" Movie, 1965
Uncle Tom's Cabin poster. 1902
Riverside Theater Movie and Orchestra Entertainment, 1939
The Ogden, another neighborhood East Side Theater